Our Abstinence Education Survey (AES™)

Our 2013 Abstinence Education Survey (AES™) is now available!  It’s perfect for Title V AEGP programs, TANF pregnancy prevention programs, CAE programs, and anyone who wants to know what kind of impact their abstinence education program or teen pregnancy prevention program is having on participants.  It also enables one to assess incidence and prevalence of teen sexual activity and/or likelihood of sexual activity within the coming year (i.e., risk profile).

  • The AES-C™ has only cognitive items. All items fit on both sides of a single sheet of paper. It’s perfect for programs that only need to pretest and posttest youth to determine program impacts on attitudes, values, beliefs, and intentions regarding sex before marriage and teen sexual activity in particular.  It also tells programs where their instruction is strong and where it can be improved and, if requested, what kinds of impacts different instructors have.

Sample—Front Page of the 2012 AES-C™

  • The AES-CB™ has both cognitive and behavioral items. It’s a 3-page survey (2 sheets of paper) that’s perfect for programs that want to evaluate long-term impacts on sexual behavior (requires follow-up surveying and a comparison or control group), or that want to know what percentage of their youth population are sexually experienced, etc.

Note: The AES-CB™ includes all of the cognitive items found on the AES-C™, so if your program ultimately decides that long-term follow-up is not necessary, or if a comparison/control group cannot be found, nothing is lost by using the AES-CB™ over the other version.  The only caveats about this version with behavioral items are 1) the survey is one page longer and 2) parents and others are more likely to raise objections to a survey that asks about sexual activity (though this may not be as much of a concern if you use the online version because we have incorporated “skip patterns” such that virgin youth do not see additional questions about sexual behavior anyway).

Sample—Last Page of the 2012 AES-CB™  (Note: The definition box and/or statement about willingness can be modified or removed.)

Both versions of the AES™ are available in both online and paper-based modalities, and there’s no charge for “white label” treatment (i.e., you can put your own organization name or program name on the survey at no charge)!