Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (SRAE) Program


Just today (5/27/16) FYSB announced a new funding mechanism called the “Sexual Risk Avoidance Education” (SRAE) program.  (Note that “sexual risk avoidance” is becoming the preferred term rather than “abstinence.”)   The FOA is available here:

  • There will be 20 awards.
  • The floor is $300,000/year.
  • The ceiling of $450,000/year.
  • The funding period is anticipated to be 3 years.
  • Applications are due 7/25/16.
  • The project start date is 9/30.
  • There is a required evaluation component, so Evans Evaluation could be helpful both with the grant writing and with the evaluation services, but a third-party evaluator is not required.
  • We are unclear about the curriculum / program model requirement.  It sound like you have to use an “evidence-based program,” but since there are only 3 abstinence programs on the HHS list of evidence-based programs, and most folks in the abstinence community are only comfortable with 1 of them (“Heritage Keepers”) that seems a little weird.  We sent an email to Ascend (formerly “National Abstinence Education Association”) about this, since they helped get the legislation for this funding.
  • The suggested page lengths are 70 for the narrative and 30 for the appendices. Here are the narrative components, how many points each section is worth, and the approximate number of pages that corresponds with:
Points Pages Project Description Components
1 1. Table of Contents
1 2. Abstract
20 14 3. Objectives and Need for Assistance
41 28 4. Approach
10 6 5. Program Performance Evaluation Plan
24 16 6. Organizational Capacity
1 7. Logic Model
5 3 8. Line Item Budget and Budget Justification
100 70
If you’d like to partner with us on one of these grant applications, or at least explore this further, give us a call!