Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (SRAE) Program


In 2016 FYSB announced a new funding mechanism called the “Sexual Risk Avoidance Education” (SRAE) program.  (Note that “sexual risk avoidance” is becoming the preferred term rather than “abstinence.”) We have helped three different projects receive SRAE grants, and provided evaluation services for them. In the 2020 cycle…

  • There will be 40 awards.
  • The floor is $300,000/year.
  • The ceiling of $450,000/year.
  • The funding period is anticipated to be 3 years.
  • Applications are due 5/26/20.
  • The project start date is 9/30/20.
  • The suggested page lengths are 70 for the narrative and 30 for the appendices. Since the evaluation section is worth 10 points, our evaluation section will be about 7 pages in length.
If you’d like to partner with us on one of these grant applications, or at least explore this further, give us a call!