Title V AEGP

The new health care bill included a rider that amended Title V section 510 of the Social Security Act to restore $50 million a year in abstinence education funds allotted to the states, from 2010 through 2014, but states must apply for the funding. While those in the abstinence education field still refer to this money and program as “Title V,” a second Title V funding stream for sex education was also introduced (section 513) and the feds now refer to the section 510 program as the “Abstinence Education Grant Program” or “AEGP” (though it was also called the “State Abstinence Program” or “SAP” for a time) and the section 513 program as the “Personal Responsibility Education Program” (“PREP”). There’s also a “Personal Responsibility Education Program—Innovative Strategies” (“PREIS”) program funded under section 513.

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