2021 APP Funding

On 6/15/21 the Federal Youth Services Bureau (FYSB) announced five new adolescent pregnancy prevention (APP) funding opportunities (click on the links to see the opportunities in Grants.gov):

· Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Program (SRAE), also referred to as the General Departmental Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Program (GD-SRAE)

· Title V Competitive Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (Title V Competitive SRAE)

· Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) Competitive Grants (Competitive PREP)

· Tribal Personal Responsibility Education Program for Teen Pregnancy Prevention (Tribal PREP)

· Personal Responsibility Education Program Innovative Strategies (PREIS)

(FYSB also provide funding through two additional streams: a State Personal Responsibility Education Program (State PREP), and a Title V State Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Program (Title V State SRAE).)

Here’s an overview of grant due dates, along with the number, size, and duration of awards, click the “Download” button: