Outcome Evaluation

(aka “Impact Evaluation” or “Program Evaluation”)

Standard Evaluation: Program evaluation is our bread and butter. We facilitate all aspects of the process from start to finish—questionnaire development, pretesting and posttesting of participants (using paper-based and/or online surveys, and even tablet PCs if needed) data processing, data analysis, and then producing whatever reports, presentations, and outcome measures you want. We can tell you what impact your program is having on participant attitudes, values, and intentions—and how to improve.

Rigorous Evaluation: For those who need rigorous evaluation of long-term behavioral impacts in order to demonstrate evidence of effectiveness, we can also develop a quasi-experimental or true experimental research design, help you identify potential comparison schools, implement individual-level or group-level random assignment to produce valid comparison or control groups, and take care of sample tracking, follow-up surveys, data collection, data analysis, and finally dissemination of findings through presentations, and submission of peer-reviewed journal articles.

Additional Services Included: As part of our evaluation fee for both standard and rigorous program evaluations, we also provide free help and consulting on broader issues of program design and implementation such as goals and objectives, logic models, curriculum selection, IRB applications, pilot programs, dosage, boosters, other program design considerations, enrollment, eligibility, recruitment, youth assent, active and passive parent consent, incentives, and project tracking.