Sexual Risk-Avoidance Curricula
Suite or Curriculum Sub-Curricula Evidence List Grade(s) Designed For Lessons Costs Other
Contact Info
Ascend1 HHS2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Curriculum Student Manuals Training Other Publisher Person Email Phone
Healthy Futures Nu-CULTURE6 HF Nu-CULTURE 6th Grade Curriculum x SHE7     x             8 $750 $500/person8 Toolkit: $1,521   Healthy Futures Lisa Rue, Program Manager & Trainer lisa@healthy-futures.org 970-581-1142 (cell)
HF Nu-CULTURE 7th Grade Curriculum       x           8 $750  
HF Nu-CULTURE 8th Grade Curriculum         x         8 $750  
Heritage Keepers Abstinence Education Heritage Keepers Abstinence Education I x SRA     x x x x x x x 10 $350 $10 See notes17 --   Heritage Community Services Anne Badgley, MEd, Founder/CEO abadgley@heritageservices.org 843-654-7740 x120
Heritage Keepers Abstinence Education II9             x x x x NA NA NA NA NA  
Positive Potential Positive Potential: Be The Exception x PYD21     x             5 $110010 $1219 See notes11 --   PATH Inc.12 Donna Golob, Executive Director donna@PositiveTeenHealth.org 219-254-2678
Positive Potential: Push The Limits       x           5 $110010 $1219 --  
Positive Potential: Unstoppable         x         5 $110010 $1219 --  
A&M Resources,
The Success Sequence Program
Book 1: A.C. Green's Game Plan x       x x x x       8 $45 $8 $150/person Online Course: $12/student   A&M Resources Scott Phelps scott@amresources.org 224-735-3622
Book 2: Quest           x x x x     8 $45 $8 $150/person Online Course: $12/student  
Book 3: Aspire x           x x x x x 8 $45 $8 $150/person Online Course: $12/student  
Book 4: Navigator               x x x x 8 $45 $8 $150/person Online Course: $12/student  
Choosing the Best20 Choosing the Best WAY x       x             6 $34515 Printed: $5.95
Electronic: $5.25
$150/person16 Posters, DVDs, and online content15   Choosing the Best Publishing [email or call to get the right contact person] Info@Choosingthebest.com 1-800-774-BEST (2378)
Choosing the Best PATH         x           8 $34515  
Choosing the Best LIFE           x         8 $34515  
Choosing the Best JOURNEY             x x     8 $34515  
REAL Essentials REAL Essentials: Starting Point x   x x x x x         59 included w/
$5 $849/person --   The Center for Relationship Education Sarah Burton Wells or Tina Good sarah@myrelationshipcenter.org 720-488-8888
REAL Essentials: Advance             x x x x 86 $5 --   tina@myrelationshipcenter.org
Best Friends Best Friends x                                 Best Friends Foundation Elayne Bennett Ebennett@bestfriendsfoundation.org 301-986-9668
OK, Inc. YOURFUTURE—ONTHELINE™ x     x x x x         54 -- -- Included with kit Kit: $350 per person per grade level18   Operation Keepsake [email to get the right contact person] ok@operationkeepsake.com 330-486-0602
represent®             x       55 -- -- Included with kit Kit: $350 per person per grade level18  
Promoting Health Among Teens! (Ab. Only) PHAT! (Abstinence Only) Community Edition   SRA       x x         8 $1,100 $6.63 or $7.80 -- --   ETR Nancy Gonzalez-Caro, MPH   1-800-321-4407
PHAT! (Abstinence Only) School Edition           x x         12 $1,100 $6.63 or $7.80 -- --   1-800-321-4407
Possessing Your Power Possessing Your Power   SRA                               Possessing Your Power Outreach      
Love Notes Love Notes   SHE3         x x x x x 13 $495 $13 to $14 -- --   The Dibble Institute      
ESTEEM (Encouraging Students to Embrace Excellent Marriage) Excursion       x               14 $85 $5 $500 - $1,000     J. Waite Services, Inc. Tonya Waite, President tonya@esteemjourney.com 903-758-2762
Envision         x             14 $85 $5    
Equip           x           14 $85 $5    
Explore             x         14 $85 $5    
Embark               x x x x 14 $85 $5    
I Decide for Me I Decide for Me: 6th Grade Program         x             4         Spanish
is in
Clarity Cheryl LaBelle, Education Director or
Teri White, Curriculum Manager
Cheryl.LaBelle@ClarityCares.org 812-378-4114 
I Decide for Me: 8th Grade Program             x         5         or
I Decide for Me: High School Program               x x x x 5         Teri.White@ClarityCares.org
Relationship Smarts PLUS (SRA) Relationship Smarts PLUS (SRA)                                   The Dibble Institute      
  Responsible Social Values Program (RSVP)         x x x         5           Alliance for Healthy Youth      
YES You Can! YES You Can...Commit to Character!       x x             6 $450 -- -- --   NJ Physicians Advisory Group Peggy Cowan pcowan@njphysicians.org 908-385-4032
YES You Can…Experience True Freedom!           x x         9 $650 -- -- --  
YES You Can…Make Smart Choices!               x x x x 11 $550 -- -- --  
YES You Can…Build Healthy Relationships!               x x x x 9 $550 -- -- --  
1 "Authentic Sexual Risk Avoidance Curricula" (updated March 20, 2023) at https://weascend.org/resource/authentic-sexual-risk-avoidance-curriculum/ (Ascend is the primary trade association for the sexual risk-avoidance field in the US. These are "authentic SRA curricula that have research showing positive behavioral impact.")
2 "Teen Pregnancy Prevention Evidence Review" (hereafter "The Review") at https://tppevidencereview.youth.gov/EvidencePrograms.aspx (These are "programs with evidence of effectiveness in reducing teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and associated sexual risk behaviors.")
The Review now categorizes programs as "Clinic-based," "Healthy relationship," "Positive youth development" ("PYD" here), "Sexual health education" ("SHE" here), or "Sexual risk avoidance" ("SRA" here).
3 The Review used to categorize this as a "comprehensive sexuality education" program but not categorizes it as "sexual health education." However, their own program summary calls it a "comprehensive healthy relationship education curriculum".
4 There are 3 lessons, plus one optional, for grade 5, but 5 lessons for grades 6–8.
5 In addition to the 5 lessons for grade 9, there are 4 optional lessons.
6 The HHS list calls the program simply "Healthy Futures". "CULTURE" stands for "Cultivating Urban Leaders Through Unique Relationship Education".
7 The program was previously classified as an "abstinence-based" progaram but is now clasified as "sexual health education". The evidence-based version requires all three grades (68).
8 The training is 3 days in-person; 2 days + 1 online is also possible.
9 HK® Abstinence Education II is under revision and currently not for sale.
10 A set of 3 is only $2,600 (rather than $3,300).
11 The basic fee for a three-day training at the client's location, for up to 8 facilitators, is $2,500. That does not include the cost of travel or lodging for the trainers.
12 "PATH" stands for "A Positive Approach to Teen Health".
13 This is the price for the "print bundle," which includes "Teacher's Guides (1 each for Grade 6, 7 and 8), Student Workbooks (Classroom set of 30 for each grade), and One Training Seat for an interactive virtual curriculum training" (https://www.etr.org/store/product/draw-the-linerespect-the-line-print-bundle/). Additional workbooks are 5 for $39 ($7.80/ea.) or 30 for $199 ($6.63/ea.).
There's also a "digital bundle" for $1,549 (see https://www.etr.org/store/product/draw-the-linerespect-the-line-digital-bundle-3-year/). Additional workbook licenses are 5 for $39 ($7.80/ea.).
14 The curricula can also be purchased separately for $399.
15 If you buy a "district set" the physical "leader guide" is $345 and the student manuals are $5.95 each for "consumable" paper copies, or $5.25 each for digital copies. You can also buy a "classroom set" for $465 that includes 20 physical student manuals for free (essentially the same price). The classroom set also includes posters, DVDs, and access to an online portal with digital content. Volume discounts are available.
16 More than 12 people ($1,800) is free. "Training is based on customers needs [and] can be both in person or online." There's also a licensing fee per teacher per year per curriculum.
17 See options and pricing at https://www.heritageservices.org/pricing/.
18 The $350 is for a 2-year lease of the materials. After that, it's an additional $100 for updates every 2 years. They also have magazines.
19 These "Student Kits" and sold in increments of 25. They are called "Be The Exception" (for 6th grade), "Push The Limits" (for 7th grade), and "Unstoppable" (for 8th grade).
20 Though not part of the four-curriculum SRA suite, they also have a fifth curriculum called Choosing the Best RELATIONSHIP.
21 The program was previously classified as a "youth development" progaram but is now clasified as a "positive youth development" program.
Other curricula being used by SRAE grantees: Families Talking Together, FLASH, Friendships and Dating, Guy Talk, Making a Difference, Making Proud Choices, Making the Right Choice, My Future, My Choice, Positive Prevention Plus, Project AIM, Promoting Health Among Teens, Reducing the Risk, Relationship Smarts, Safer Sex, Teen Outreach Program, Teen Talk, TYRO Youth, Wise Guys.
If you believe one of these fits the definition of a "sexual risk-avoidance curriculum" and would like it included on this page, please contact Evans Evaluation and provide details.